Payroll Placements has developed an extensive recruitment methodology over the last 18 years.  Our recruitment methodology is continually evolving and is the key to our success in providing the level of service, quality and care that our clients and candidates demand.

The following is a high-level description of a typical recruitment process.

Confirm role requirements with HR/Hiring Manager

Payroll Placements consultant would meet with HR/Hiring Manager to confirm the role requirements.  This would include the salary & benefits, opportunities, technical, cultural & environment in presenting the role.

Copy of the brief is given to each qualified candidate so that they are fully briefed on the role.


Recruitment plan agreed                                       


Payroll Placements would work with the client in developing the agreed recruitment plan.

 Develop scripts and targeting questions   

Comprehensive screening, behavioural and technical questions are developed by Payroll Placements consultants to screen candidates. This is used to qualify each candidate’s level of experience, salary expectations and motivation for the role.

Write and place advertisement: Print &

Web Sites

If a client paid advertisement is required Payroll Placements consultants, in conjunction with the client, would write the ad copy.

Ad copy would also be written for Payroll Placements web site and other specialist job boards.

Source Candidates

Candidates are sourced through advertising response, database search, networking, Internet recruitment and direct search.


Screen Candidates: Telephone & Face to face interview


All candidates are initially screened over the phone.  If deemed suitable ALL candidates will be interviewed by the Payroll Placements consultant face to face.

Conduct testing

If appropriate, testing is conducted in our offices. The results of this testing will be presented to the client.

Detailed Reference Checking

Reference checks will be conducted with validated referees. A transcript of the reference check is provided to the client.


Professional resume presented to the client

Resumes are prepared for candidates who fit the position brief both technically and culturally and have passed all necessary tests. A consultant’s summary and candidate resume are submitted to the client.

Arrange interviews

Brief client

Brief candidates

Payroll Placements consultant will organise interview times with the candidate and brief HR/Hiring Manager regarding any candidate’s needs and confirm salary details of the candidate. The candidate is also briefed prior to the interview to ensure they know the location of the interview, what to expect and that they have a comprehensive understanding of the role.

Debrief candidate.
Debrief Client

After the interview the candidate is debriefed to ensure that they are still interested in the role and would accept the role if offered. Debrief also highlights any outstanding issues affecting the candidate’s ability to make a decision. The client is contacted after the interview to gain feedback on the interview and provide candidate’s feedback.

Offer of Role and
Client provides Payroll Placements with a verbal offer of employment, which is communicated to the candidate. Start dates are confirmed with both parties. Client presents written letter of offer. Payroll Placements consultant manages the signing of offer by the candidate.